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Rules for Baptism from our Holy Archdiocese - PLEASE NOTE AND UNDERSTAND THIS

1. There can only be ONE (1) Godparent, they have to be canonically baptised an ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN and over TWELVE (12) years of age.

2. Only ONE (1) name can be given to the one being baptised, because the personhood of a human being is one only.

Baptism is the sacrament through which one is received into the Church. Through Baptism we receive the full forgiveness of sins, we “put on Christ”, becoming members of His Body, the Church. To remind them of their Baptism, Orthodox Christians usually wear throughout life a small Cross, hung round the neck on a chain during their Baptismal Service. Immediately after Baptism, the Orthodox Christian is “Chrismated” (confirmed) with the Chrism (in Greek “myron”) by the Priest.

The Parish Priest will issue a Baptism Certificate, which will be presented after the Service.

In the case when the Baptism Certificate is lost, a copy can be obtained subsequently only from the same Parish where the Baptism Service took place.

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